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Reba (left) is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She weighs about 52 pounds. She lives at the Harris Farm with Linda and Joe Harris. Linda likes to brush Reba on the kitchen counter so she has learned to jump up on tall things like the patio table outside! Reba has loose wavy hair that is light red. Yes, she is named after country singer Reba McEntire.

Dolly (right) is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She is Reba's sister. Dolly weighs about 49 pounds. Since birth they have never been separated. They love spending time outside running in the backyard or going for rides around the farm in the MULE ATV with Linda and Joe. If you tell either of them to sit they know to go ahead and also shake and lay to get a treat. Dolly has beautiful waves and giant curls around her face and back that are golden blonde. In the evenings they will be found on the recliner, on the couch, or in someones lap or head! Yes, she too is named after a country singer...Dolly Parton.

Rosie, and Roxie  are Goldendoodle that we breed to our  Mini Poodle. They live with us. This produces a Mini F1B Goldendoodle.


Babe and Ruby are F1B Goldendoodles that we breed to our Mini Poodles. They live with us. This produces a Mini F1BB Goldendoodle.

This is one of our Mini F1B Goldendoodles that went to live in New York!


Teddy (right) is a purebred registered Miniture Poodle from a champion pedigree. He weighs 14 pounds, is 12" tall, and proudly shows off his deep red curly coat. Even though he is the smallest he loves being the boss dog as he is our only male. As soon as nighttime tv watching starts, he is the first to pick a lap to curl up on. Naming Teddy was easy, as soon as we saw him we knew he was our Teddy Bear!

Tyson  is a purebred registered Miniture Poodle from a champion pedigree. He weighs 12 pounds, is 11" tall.   He has a beautiful Mearl Color with Blue eyes.  He loves to play and never meets a stranger.  Tyson was named in line with the love of UFC and Boxing celebrities.  So he is Tyson Turbo Harris.  He is one tough, fast poodle.  Tyson Turbo Harris!


Mini F1B


Born 3/1/24

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Next Litter Due Early June

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Hi my name is Stacy. My family and I own a farm in the Concord/Harrisburg area.  We love animals!  Barnes n Bubbles was established in 2017.  We board only a few dogs at a time to ensure lots of one on one time.


Our price is $40/day.  You will get a picture and update on them daily. They stay with us at the house and are not caged unless we are gone or bed time.   This ensures they are not stress out about being locked up in a cage all the time.


Also, we can do a mini sanitation groom before they go home. This includes paw pad shave, nail trim, & tail area. If they need more, I can do that too as I am a certified groomer.  Prices depend on size and fur of animal.


Feel free to call or text with any questions.


Holidays and vacation dates get booked up quick.


On arrival day you fill out some info and sign some paper work. All you need to bring is food and feeding instructions.



Stacy Harris




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