The Harris Farm

The Harris Farm is a third generation family owned and operated farm in Harrisburg, North Carolina. It began as a dairy farm providing milk for Cabarrus Creamery in the 1960s.

Currently the farm raises grass fed beef cattle, F1b Mini Goldendoodles, and bales round horse quality hay.

With the high demand for Mini Goldendoodle Puppies; they started breeding their peronal pets (F1 Goldendoodle) to produce Mini F1B Goldendoodle Puppies.

They do not have litters as often as others because their dogs are their family pets that live in their homes. Reba, Dolly, Daisy and Lucy (F1's) live with the owners of the Harris Farm, and Rhonda, Josie and Georgia (F1) live with their son Kelby Harris.  Teddy, the Mini Red Poodle lives with Linda and Joe.

               Baled Hay 

            & Beef Cattle

              F1B Mini                             Goldendoodles 

Available Soon!

          Group Outings 

     Contact Us:  980-621-5432


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