Our Dogs

Reba (left) is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She weighs about 52 pounds. She lives at the Harris Farm with Linda and Joe Harris. Linda likes to brush Reba on the kitchen counter so she has learned to jump up on tall things like the patio table outside! Reba has loose wavy hair that is light red. Yes, she is named after country singer Reba McEntire.

Dolly (right) is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She is Reba's sister. Dolly weighs about 47 pounds. Since birth they have never been separated. They love spending time outside running in the backyard or going for rides around the farm in the MULE ATV with Linda and Joe. If you tell either of them to sit they know to go ahead and also shake and lay to get a treat. Dolly has beautiful waves and giant curls around her face and back that are golden blonde. In the evenings they will be found on the recliner, on the couch, or in someones lap or head! Yes, she too is named after a country singer...Dolly Parton.

Delilah (left) is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She weighs about 54 pounds. She lives with Linda and Joe's daughter and her husband. Delilah is their first child. She will "stay" as long as instructed with a treat on her nose until she is told to "go get it!" She is obsessed with toys and loves Reedy Creek that runs through the Harris farm. Although she no longer has puppies, she is the reason we started having them. We had so many requests from friends and family for a F1b puppy that we ended up having more people that wanted one than there were puppies! Delilah has a loose wavy blonde coat.

Dixie (right) is a F1b Mini Goldendoodle. She weights about 30 pounds and is about 17" tall. She was one of the puppies from Delilah's first litter. In the evenings after spending all day playing tug of war or running outside she likes to curl up in anyones lap on the couch or bed. She has little wringlet curls on her head and loose golden waves with a tint of red.


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