Puppies Expected Summer 2017!

 We are a family owned and operated farm. We breed our goldendoodles less frequent than others because they are our family’s personal pets. Reba and Dolly live with the owners of the Harris Farm, Linda and Joe, and Delilah and Dixie (F1b kept from Delilah's first litter) live with their daughter and her husband. Click on "Our Dogs" on the menu on the left to see photos of them. We only breed our F1 goldendoodles (Dolly, Reba, and Delilah) to a mini full bred poodle to obtain the Mini F1b’s that are the most hypoallergenic and non shedding of all the goldendoodle generations.
Dolly and Reba had litters last year within a week of each other so we let people make their puppy selection from 2 litters! We expect this to happen again, with their litters expected this summer 2017. Their waiting list is listed below. As with anything regarding mother nature, we can not predict litter size; therefore after they are born we may have more or less spots available. With the scarcity of the mini F1b's people get on the waiting list months in advance.
Once puppies are born they stay with their mom for 8 weeks and are able to go home with vet approval. They come with their first puppy shot at 6 weeks, de-wormed, CKC registration paperwork, and their parents' AKC and CKC papers.
If you are interested please fill out the application to the left in the "How to Apply" section and email it to info@theharrisfarm.com. Once we review your application we can provide more details and our contract. We do not ship puppies! We require everyone to pick up their puppies at our family farm in Harrisburg, NC. The Concord Regional airport is very close by and a few people have flown in to pick up their puppies!
2017 Reba & Dolly's Summer & Winter Waiting List  
PICK #1   Lisa            San Diego, CA
PICK #2   Anita           Denver, NC
PICK #3   Mary           Fayetteville, NC
PICK #4   Maria          Wake Forest, NC
PICK #5   Monique     Mooresville, NC    3/03/17
PICK #6   Danielle      Holly Ridge, NC    3/07/17
PICK #7   Megan        Chapel Hill, NC     3/08/17
PICK #8   TJ               Matthews, NC       3/17/17
PICK #9   Beth           Huntersville, NC    3/29/17
PICK #10 Chad          Charlotte, NC        4/06/17
PICK #11  Dion          Chapel Hill, NC      4/18/17
PICK #12  Kathy        Charlotte, NC         4/24/17
PICK #13  Jonathan   Myrtle Beach, SC  4/28/17
PICK #14  Kayla        Charlotte, NC         4/28/17
PICK #15  Rosemary Mooresville, NC     5/02/17
PICK #16  Lisa           Charlotte, NC        5/05/17
PICK #17  Karen        Colonial Heights, VA  5/10/17
PICK #18  McCrory    Midland, NC          5/12/2017
PICK #19  Shay         Chadbourn, NC     5/16/2017
PICK #20  Lisa D       Mooresville, NC    5/31/2017
PICK #21  Erika         Arlington, VA         6/09/2017
PICK #22  Susan       Harrisburg, NC     6/17/2017
PICK #23
PICK #24
PICK #25
PICK #26
 Last updated 6/22/2017

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